How to use Sateep - For Tutors


1. Registering with SATEEP.COM

2. Updating Your Details (Subjects, Location, Teaching Medium)

3. Managing Bookings (Innitiate Session / Complete / Cancel)

4. Stating the Live Classroom

5. Using the Live Classroom

6. Requesting Your Payment



Register Page

  • Click on Login Or Register Button to open registration page
  • Select your account type (Student or Tutor) and complete the form
  • Check your mail for account activation link. Click on the link or copy and paste in on your browser to activate



2. UPDATING TUTOR DETAILS (Subjects Taught, Location, Teaching Medium)

To appear in search result, tutor must update subjects, Location and teaching medium. Default/Available teaching medium is "Online Virtual Class"

Subjects Taught

  • Navigate to "Subjects Taught" Menu to see your subjects
  • Click on Add SUbjects Taught to add new subject.  See image below for "Add Subjects" form

  • NOTE: Time Slots is in 24 hourly. Add "Now" if you are available to tutor immediately. seperate different time options with comma


To Manage Location, Select your country from the available list of countries

Also Navigate to Teaching Medium to confirm it's set.



3. MANAGE BOOKINGS (Initiate Session / Completed / Cancel)

Pending Bookings: Change Status / Initiate Session

Pending Bookings

New Bookings are found under pending. From pending, you can initiate session. If for any reason you will not be able to take the class, you may cancel the booking immediately you receive the booking notification.

Change Booking Status Image


Session Initiated Bookings; Start Class

Session Initiated Bookings Image

  • On session initiated bookings, you can click on the video start icon to launch the live classroom. 




Enabling Flash Player


Enable Microphone



Audio Test


Live Class


Request Payout